Hair colour in 10 minutes


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Plant Based Hair colour

Paraben free
Resorcinol free
Accelerator free


Patented pure nano-pigments
penetrate the hair 300 - 400 %
faster than conventional

Responsible hair colour



010 Professional Hair colour system - faster, gentler colour!


About - B-spot Australia



The Aussie home of the New 10 Minute Hair Colour.

My Name is Sandra Lamb I am a hairdresser and Salon owner who has been active in the hair and beauty industry for 40 years, I have seen all the changes to our industry and am excited to be part of the next change.


A word about B-spot Italy

Colour services in salons make up a large part of the Salon business. The consumer is now more aware and wants to know what is in the products placed on their skin, some of them being very unhealthy chemicals - that can be in contact with skin for long periods of time. Take a look at their site www.b-spot.it

This is where project B-spot began - with a priority of reducing exposure of the skin to chemicals and reducing the damaging ingredients and replacing chemicals with natural ingredients wherever possible. Today after 2 years of research and development we present the new product "010Plus".

From Stylist / Salon owners to Product Importers and Distributors.

Opening a new salon is very exciting, deciding on the product range to use takes extensive research. After past health issues of my own, I am much more aware of the products I place on my skin, and into my body, as well as those that I work with and use on my clients, and what those products contain. After exhaustive and at times confusing research on the "organic  trend" delving into actual ingredients, researching the claims and statements of companies - even contacting them for more information. I became so incensed I wrote an article "Is organic really organic" which is a real eye opener to  natural and organic claims.

There are no claims that B-spot products are organic, or even totally natural,  but organic as shown in the article is only a small part of the issue, it is the ingredients, the length of time the skin is exposed, and if hair is being lightened or permanently changed (other than henna or staining) there has to be some sort of unnatural substance or chemical reaction involved .

During my intensive research on ingredients and methods, I came across a new company in Italy that was providing what I had been looking for. This company is B-spot, they had just launched their product in America and were looking for distributors in Australia. I have been using the products now for approximately 6 months, I have been working closely with our Italian and  at times our American counterparts, I am totally comfortable with the products, as there are no special rules and ways to mix - it was actually very similar to what I had been using before - except what I had been using took 40 minutes to process, and it did not have the same flexibility or base ingredients..

My husband Gary and I are the Australian and New Zealand distributors of the B-spot range. Gary has supported me through years of salons, Hair Expo's, apprentices, staff issues, and on and on - he is the junior that knows how to shampoo, rinse perms, and colour, sweep the floor and answer the phone and charm the clients - like a true hairdresser nothing shocks him. Oh and the best Barista!

So as we launch this new business and website, I want to say we are here to help and support and show you how these products can totally change your business.Visit us on this site as much as you wish, we have provided information, downloads, colour charts, Questions and Answers, products its all here and then if that's not enough then we are here. We hope to speak to you via email or phone or in person soon!

Sandra and Gary


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