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Plant Based Hair colour

Paraben free
Resorcinol free
Accelerator free


Patented pure nano-pigments
penetrate the hair 300 - 400 %
faster than conventional

Responsible hair colour



010 Professional Hair colour system - faster, gentler colour!


010PLUS plant extracts

B-spot 010Plus professional hair colour system

Faster, gentler, kinder hair colours

 b-spot - hair colours

B-spot - O10Plus Advanced Colour System was developed with a priority of reducing skin exposure to chemicals, reducing damaging ingredients and replacing chemicals with natural ingredients wherever possible. Years of research at the B-spot laboratories in Italy has produced a hair colour system like no other.

Today colour has become an essential service in all hairdressing salons.

Today customers and stylists are more aware of the products and exposure times on the skin.

Plant based raw materials, latest generation pure pigments, top performance even on grey hair, and the innovation to put this all together in a powerful package of "Express Colour", is the basis of the B-Spot - 10 minute hair colour - difference.

010Plus offers 55 fabulous shades and one neutral to mix all hair colours imaginable, which whilst a professional permanent hair colour, can morph in minutes to a Semi and Demi-permanent colour with the addition of "Pure Tone" (based on natural citric acid).

No need to use artificial catalysts, electrical colour accelerators or other technical devices to reduce processing times. Our hair colours are processed naturally and thus in more comfort for both the client and the operator.

b-spot italian hair colours


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      '' Consider the era of comfort that we live. People are looking for ways to reduce the time for almost everything they do, and booking appointments is certainly one of them. '' Carmen, ITALY

    '' Your 010plus is superb! thank you very much. '' Micaela, ITALY

    '' 010plus is beyond the other hair-products, i really wanted to tell you that. '' Sandra, AUS

    '' I'm sure the future is 010plus, for me, fortunately, is anche the present. '' Aron, USA

    '' I personally do not look at 010plus as an hair-dye, rather look at the 010plus as a way '' Mark Anthony, UK

    '' And if the world moves faster and faster and the time is never enough? B-spot responds by launching a color which takes only 10 minutes of exposure: 010 plus. "Back in 2009 - says Vanessa D'Antoni, head of communications and marketing - B-spot was the first brand with a professional coloring in 10 minutes to be introduced in the Italian market, to meet the needs of customers with minimal stay in salon. The reduction of the exposure time allows for a fast and excellent, providing benefits to both the hairdresser, who can enter on the agenda other services, both to the customer, which optimizes his day. In the case of 010 plus, welfare is given by the lower exposure of the skin to the color. For these reasons, the number of professionals who decide to expand its range of proposals with the coloring in 10 minutes is constantly increasing and we believe it is destined to grow again. "Estetica.it

    How does 010plus work?
    '' Its formulation contains minute latest generatio nano-pure pigments, which because of their microscopic like size they enter inside the hair particularly quickly, also because of the highly compatable natural cosmetic coloring cream, rich in natural elements which has a high affinity to the hair fiber. In the formulation, moringa oleifera, litchi chinensis and aloe vera: soften the hair and reinforce the mechanical strength ''. Estetica.it


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